Taking Your Dog to Work

By June 15, 2017 July 7th, 2017 Blog

If you’re a dog lover, you may know that a very important doggy holiday is coming up. June 24th is officially Take Your Dog To Work Day! But is it really a good idea to bring your canine buddy to your workplace? In this article, a San Leandro, CA vet discusses taking your pooch to work.

Fido’s Application

Hopefully, this goes without saying, but we do need to point out that not all dogs are cut out for regular jobs. If your pooch barks a lot, isn’t completely housetrained, or has any aggressive tendencies or behavioral issues, such as food aggression, it’s probably best to leave Fido at home.

Choosing The Right Career

Of course, you’ll need to check with your boss before bringing your pup to work. Much of whether Fido gets hired or not will likely depend on the industry you are in. If you work in a pet store, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your four-legged friend the job than if you work in manufacturing or in food service industries. People who work in small, independently-owned stores may find their pets a perfect match for their workplaces. Brain surgeons? Not so much.

The Interview

Even if you get the green light from your boss, you’ll want to check with your co-workers as well. Not everyone is as enamored with our canine friends as we are. Be considerate of people with allergies, and those who may find an adorable furry co-worker a bit too distracting.

The Background Check

If your dog hasn’t been fully trained, you may want to take your pooch back to school so he can complete his education. Fido should know basic obedience commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Chewing is another thing to consider. You definitely don’t want your pup eating a co-worker’s report!

Dress Code

Before bringing your pet to the office with you, make sure that Fido is microchipped, spayed or neutered, and up to date with his vaccinations and parasite control products. Your canine pal should also be well-groomed and wearing his ID tags. It also won’t hurt to tire your furry friend out with a vigorous walk before you take him to the office.

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