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February 2017

Walk Your Dog Day

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Does your dog bounce up from a dead sleep when you go near his leash? Fido certainly does love his walks! Actually, those daily strolls are very good for your canine pal! Here, in honor of Walk Your Dog Day, which is coming up February 22nd, a local San Leandro, CA vet talks about walking your dog.

Benefits of Walking

Although bathroom breaks are often the main reason people take their dogs out, walks are good for Fido in many other ways as well. They help him stay active, which is great for him physically. Walking can also burn off your four-legged buddy’s excess energy. This can help with many behavioral issues. After a long walk, your pooch will be more interested in napping than in digging in your garden for buried treasure! Walking also offers our canine friends beneficial mental stimulation.


Always keep Fido’s safety first and foremost. Make sure that your furry buddy is microchipped, current on his vaccines and parasite control products, and wearing proper ID tags. In hot weather, always bring water along for your pooch, and take care not to let him overheat. When you are walking on the side of a road, keep your pet to the outside, as he will be harder for drivers to stop. At night, use reflective gear and stick to well-lit, familiar paths.

Change of Scenery

Fido may get a bit bored taking the same old walking route every day. Take your pup somewhere new now and then, like a park or trail. Remember to follow park rules, and always pick up after your furry pal.

Foxtail Grass

Foxtail grass can be very dangerous for dogs! The seeds have sharp barbs, which can lodge themselves in Fido’s skin, and then work their way inside his body. Keep your canine companion away from foxtail grass, and always check your pooch thoroughly when you get home.

Paw Care

Fido’s paw pads are actually quite sensitive. Your four-legged buddy can get painful burns and blisters on his feet by walking or running on hot surfaces. In summer, keep your canine friend on soft ground as much as possible. You can also put paw balm on your furry companion’s paws to help protect them.

Please contact us here at your local San Leandro, CA animal hospital for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

Save Money With Preventive Pet Care

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You’re becoming an expert at saving money. You’ve found ways to save on groceries, insurance and other services, and cable and mobile phone bills. Now you’ve turned your attention to saving money on pet care. Although your five-year-old cocker spaniel Goldie will keep visiting your veterinarian for regular checkups, keeping her healthy will minimize the need for expensive tests and procedures. Following are several preventive pet care guidelines applicable to any dog or cat.

Diet and Exercise

Feed Goldie a nutritionally balanced quality food, rather than a cheaper blend without essential nutrients. Ask your vet for recommendations. Along with her top-notch diet, give her plenty of exercise that helps her avoid obesity and related health conditions.

Dental Health

Your vet will provide Goldie with dental exams during her physical checkups. Between appointments, brush her teeth often using a canine-friendly toothpaste. If she balks at the pet toothbrush, try cleaning her teeth with a bit of gauze wrapped around your finger. By keeping her teeth clean, you’ll minimize the risks of harmful dental disease.

Eye and Ear Care

By checking and cleaning Goldie’s eyes weekly, you’ll keep her tear ducts open and minimize the potential for irritation. You’ll also be in a good position to notice abnormalities that call for your vet’s attention. Ask the vet to recommend a gentle eye cleaner.

Your canine companion will benefit from weekly ear cleanings with a vet-recommended ear solution. This consistent attention will help to prevent irritation, and you can detect symptoms before they progress further.

Brushing and Bathing

By brushing Goldie often, you’ll stimulate her skin and contribute to better coat health. While you’re brushing away, run your hands over her coat and skin. This should allow you to notice anything unusual that deserves veterinary attention. After your active girl goes outside, wash her feet so she’ll be less likely to ingest chemicals from grass, sidewalks, or streets.

Bathe your canine companion regularly, as it removes dirt and debris that can irritate her skin and cause troublesome mats. Ask your vet to recommend a gentle shampoo without detergents, fragrances, or colors that could cause allergic reactions. She’ll also provide instructions on proper bathing techniques.

When Goldie next visits your veterinarian, she’ll be a well-cared-for companion who enjoys her healthy lifestyle. To obtain preventive care advice for your pet, contact us for an appointment.