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Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Arroyo Veterinary Clinic in San Lorenzo! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

Please call us at 510-278-8440 to speak to one of our caring veterinary team members!

Dr. Pavneet Mavi

BVSc & AH – Punjab Agricultural University
ECFVG – Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine

 Growing up in an agricultural area of India, I worked with all sorts of farm animals from a young age.  I attended veterinary school and began working as a veterinarian for large animals and companion pets in nutrition and development.  Knowing I could do even more, I moved to Indiana where I returned to veterinary school at Purdue.  I learned so much working at a combination emergency/specialty/general practice in Indiana, there is where I developed my special interests in dermatology, dentistry, pain management, joint diseases and regenerative medicine.  I still felt a drive to do more, that drive brought me to Arroyo!  The small town, warm, and welcoming community on the beautiful San Francisco Bay stole my heart!  I purchased the practice in 2011 and since then have been proud to serve the pets and pet owners of San Lorenzo!

My goal walking into each visit is to understand both the pet’s and owner’s needs.  I am your pet’s advocate, I am here to help you understand your pet’s needs even when they cannot express those needs themselves.  Identifying your concerns and collaborating with you is how I am able to provide your pet with the best possible care!

Outside of the clinic I love to spend my time with my family.  My amazing, supportive wife, two sons and UV (the Boston Terrier)!  UV in particular is very spoiled, his name in our native Indian language means “the Prince”!  We live active lives, playing sports, dancing, keeping up on the latest films from Bollywood, and lots of walks to burn the endless terrier energy in UV!  I enjoy participating in marathons as well!  Having achieved my goal of completing a full marathon, my next goal is to continue running in half marathons to raise money to support various causes and charities!  I love all sorts of new gadgets and technology including my kid’s toys! 

I am grateful to my family, team, and the community for supporting me and trusting me with the care of their best friends and promise to always practice good, honest, quality medicine in the pursuit of keeping your best friend happy and healthy!

Dr. Barbara VanGilder
Associate Veterinarian

B.S. Zoology – The Ohio State University
DVM – UC Davis

Low Stress Handling Certified Silver
Animal Neuromyofascial Release
AAHA Animal Hospice and Palliative Care

Practice Philosophy:

As a chronic disease patient, myself, I have spent significant time as a patient as well as a doctor. I make it a point to bring my experience as a patient – learning from the negative and embracing the positive – to the care I provide for my own patients. It is important to me that not only are my patients’ medical and physical needs met, but that they are treated with respect and dignity and that they have agency in their own care. I want tails wagging coming in AND going out!  I have a particular interest in working with patients who have fear and anxiety, to find a way to meet their needs on their terms and alleviate their fear as much as possible. It is also crucial to me that clients feel that they are listened to and that their concerns are addressed.

I have particular interests in pain management, eldercare, dentistry, soft tissue surgery and exotics medicine including care of reptiles, rabbits and other small mammals.

Husband Jon
Cats – Grace and Steven
Tortoise – Po

Dog – Jeff, our newest family addition.

Our animals are a part of our family in every sense. We love that we can provide them with the loving and comfortable homes they deserve and in return they bring us joy, comfort and comedy whenever we need it.

When not working, I enjoy printmaking, sewing, yoga and stand up paddleboarding.

Steve Kornfeld
Associate Veterinarian

Since 2017, Dr. Kornfeld has been providing advanced dental services at Arroyo Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Kornfeld completed a 6-year alternate path residency in veterinary dentistry. He operated a mobile dental clinic for ten years, offering advanced dental services to numerous clinics around the Bay area.  His advanced dental care includes, but is not limited to, bone augmentation, crowns and root canals, which makes it possible to save more teeth than ever before!

Dr. Kornfeld also has a degree in professional and business coaching.

He is the author of four veterinary business books, focusing on personal development for veterinary teams and on providing outstanding veterinary care to pet owners.

Dr. Lynnette Waugh
Associate Veterinarian

Associate Veterinarian

Education: B.S. Animal Biology – UC Davis

DVM – UC Davis

DACZM – Diplomate of the American College of Zoological Medicine

I am a California native and grew up on the central coast of California.  After working all over the US, I returned home to California to be near family and help my aging parents.  I joined the Arroyo family to provide relief for their busy caseload.  I am grateful for the warm welcome and am excited to continue working with this amazing team!

 The family is an important part of our care team.   It is important to me that we work closely together – by practicing collaboratively, we can provide the best care possible for our patient.  This team, including our dedicated clients, does this well and so I have loved practicing medicine at this clinic.  I have a special interest in internal medicine, anesthesia, and companion pet exotic medicine.  I previously have primarily practiced with wildlife in conservation medicine.

I live in San Leandro with my dog, TJ, and we enjoy hiking in the beautiful Oakland Hills, walking on the beach, and exploring new places.

Purrsonnel Manager

I have been the senior manager at Arroyo for 5 of my 7 lives!  I make sure that every computer has a fine layer of fur every day, no papers left un-sat on, and no lunches are eaten alone!

The team here takes good care of me, they could feed me more when I yell at them though.  I have FIV, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, which means I cannot fight off illness as easily as some other cats.  Anytime I am not feeling well the team and doctors make sure I get all the care I need, regular labwork, staying up to date on my vaccines and parasite prevention.  I don’t make it easy for them though, the more I fight them the happier they are!  I can also boast a heafty 6 pound weight loss since 2015!  At a svelt 16.5 pounds I have more energy than every and my indoor parkour skills have much improved! 

When you stop by don’t forget to say “Hi!”, I am very friendly and love belly rubs!

Practice Manager, Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)

I have always had pets in my family and felt a close connection with animals!  I enjoy the challenge of trying to understand their wants and needs.  Having been in the veterinary field for several years now, I’ve found the joy of giving a voice to those who are unable to speak for themselves!  I thrive while acting as the liaison between owners and their pets!  Being able to remedy an owner’s concern and a patient’s medical condition simultaneously is very rewarding.

Being the Technician Supervisor means that I have the opportunity to support my whole team in their common goal of providing the best possible care for you and your pet.  Some of the ways I like to support the team is by ensuring our laboratory diagnostics and equipment are running optimally, keeping team members up to date on the latest medical information, and supporting team members as they tackle new challenges to grow themselves as veterinary professionals and community members!

As a Registered Veterinary Technician in the State of California, I have a long list of technical skills that help me provide the best possible medical care for your pets while treating them as if they were my own!  I have four dogs (Kota, Ollie, Little Dog, and Bandit) as well as 3 cats (Norma, Tama, and Momo)!  They range in age from 1 year to 16 years giving me hands-on experience with all life stages, making it second nature for me to customize my care to each patient from puppies and kittens to seniors.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my pets, fiancé, step-daughter, and family.  I love to escape into books and video games as well as take in musicals in the City!

I am happy to be a part of the Arroyo Vet Family and to have the opportunity to help you and your pet live a longer, healthier life together!

Customer Service Specialist Supervisor

I joined the Arroyo Veterinary Team in June of 2016 and I am so glad I did! 

After raising two amazing young men with my husband and sending them off to college, I was looking for my next adventure!  I had recently lost my beloved dog, Chulo, to congestive heart failure (CHF) at 9 years old.  Though we miss him dearly, battling his disease was such an eye opening and educational experience.  Armed with little information from the emergency center where he was diagnosed, I set off to learn everything I could to keep him comfortable and happy as long as possible.  Though we only had a few more months with him, and my experiences with several cats and one spunky iguana, lit a spark in me that fueled my curiosity about veterinary medicine! 

I love my job!  Our team is just the best, most compassionate people I could have hoped to work with!  Being able to connect with other pet owners and help them using the things I have learned from my own pets, and during my time with the Arroyo Family, is such a rewarding experience!  Each day is different, with new challenges and new pets to help! 

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, two and four-legs alike!  My husband and I have 3 dogs, Leia, Pita, and our newest addition Rosi!  They keep every day interesting and there is no shortage of trouble at our home! 

Client Service Representative

I am a Bay Area native from Oakland. Growing up, I always had a passion for animals, big and small. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my senior fur baby, Chowder, and traveling. I’m looking forward to meeting you and your fur babies soon!

Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)

I started with Arroyo Veterinary Clinic just one day a week in May of 2016.  I was working full-time at another veterinary clinic but was looking to expand my experience as a recently graduated veterinary technician.  Within a year I took on a full-time position and have been part of the Arroyo Family ever since! 

Initially, when I began college, I was aiming to become a human nurse.  It wasn’t until I was ready to enter the program that I realized I wanted to work with animals instead!  I have always loved animals and wanted to be able to give back for all the love I have received from my pets over the years.  I really enjoy being able to give a voice to the voiceless, help pets recover from procedures and illness in comfort, managing pain, and keeping healthy pets healthy!  I love the team I get to work with everyday and work hard to keep both my team and our clients happy!  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to care for your best friend!

Outside of my career, I enjoy spending time with my family.  I was raised in Oakland surrounded and supported by 3 generations of my family!  I now live with my fiancé, our two dogs, Nalah and Goten, and our bearded dragon Iroh.  We are sure to make plenty of time for family activities!  I also enjoy watching anime, reading, karaoke, and food is LIFE!


Veterinary Assistant

Though Arroyo was not my first experience with veterinary medicine, it has certainly been my favorite!  I was always the person to bring home ill or injured animals, absorb anything and everything I could about them to help heal and improve their quality of life.  Throughout my time at Cal Poly, where I earned my B.S. in Animal Science, I volunteered and interned with various veterinarians and shelters learning to work with all sorts of animals!  One of my fondest memories was assisting in the birth of 15 foals!  It was such an amazing and humbling experience, I knew I had to keep working hard to do more!

After graduation, I returned to my home town and applied for a position at Arroyo Veterinary Clinic.  I love this team!  The clients we get to help on a daily basis are so wonderful and passionate about their furry family members, it is such an honor to be trusted with their care! 

Besides the obvious perks of working with puppies and kittens, I have always been interested in emergency medicine.  I love the challenge and the satisfaction that comes with saving an animal in need.  I am so proud to be able to comfort a pet parent and help their pet at the same time!

Outside of the clinic, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and staying active! I have an athletic German Shepherd Labrador Mix, Bandit, and my newest addition is a Golden Retriever named Charlie! Together we love to hike, learn tricks based on Harry Potter spells, and explore the great outdoors!

Veterinary Assistant

I joined the Arroyo Family unofficially when I interned here through my ROP class in my junior year at San Leandro High School!  The next year I stuck with veterinary medicine and interned at a veterinary clinic in Castro Valley where they employed me for a while after graduation.  I missed my Arroyo Family too much!  We still brought our dog, Fluffy, to Dr. Mavi as he has been a long-time patient, I just had to come back!  I love our team and our patients!  Some of my favorite parts of working here are socializing puppies and kittens, working with exotic animals, and helping to nurse sick pets back to health!  Ultimately, I would like to attend veterinary technician or veterinary school!  Every pet I get to work with reinforces my passion for veterinary medicine!

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and enjoying the outdoors.  I live with my mom, dad, two sisters, and older brother.  We also have two dogs, Fluffy and Chica, and a 17-year-old Amazon Parrot named Wilbur! 

Veterinary Assistant

As a San Lorenzo Local, born and raised, it was important to me to combine my passion for animals and love for my community!  While attending UC Merced to earn my B.S., I knew I needed to fill my extra time doing something I love.  I became one of the founding members of the University’s Pre-Veterinary Club, while a wonderful experience, I needed more!  In the summer of 2012, I applied to volunteer at Arroyo Veterinary Clinic during my summer break.  It did not take long before I was offered a part-time position in between my studies!  I would come home to spend time with my family, our senior Jack Russell Terrier, Skip, and my Arroyo Vet Family!  I have been working full-time since graduation, learning valuable technicial skills, while I apply to veterinary schools across the US!

Working with an amazing team of doctors and staff, and being given the opportunity to help the pets of the San Lorenzo area, has been the most rewarding experience I could have asked for.  I have learned so much since I began.  I have developed deep interests in areas such as laboratory testing, anesthesia, and making lasting connections with people who love their pets!

I am currently immersed in a rigorous program at Stanford in pursuit of my Master’s Degree.  It is as challenging as it is rewarding!

Outside of the veterinary field, I enjoy connecting with nature while spending time with my loved ones.  Hiking, camping, and exploring are my favorite things to do!  I once trekked 15 miles in Bolinas County, such an amazing experience that I will never forget! 

I believe that all nature and animals deserve kindness and respect and I am so thankful to all of our pet parents for allowing us to provide that for their loved ones!

Veterinary Assistant

I first joined the Arroyo family through an externship I applied for. Working here has expanded my love for animals and helped me find my passion for this profession. I will ultimately like to attend veterinary school to pursue my career! Being a veterinary assistant has been such a blessing because I am able to help all these animals who can’t speak for themselves. Every day is a new day and I’m constantly on my toes, which keeps things very exciting! Animals were introduced late in my life, but it was better late than never!

I have a Pitbull named Cooper and two bunnies named Buttercup and Sky. Outside of work, I love hanging out with friends, staying busy and having fun. I am so thankful to have found Arroyo Veterinary Clinic and am able to work with such caring, compassionate animal lovers!

Veterinary Assistant

I have always loved and felt connected to animals. My journey into veterinary medicine began 6 years ago while caring for my dog Tracker. He was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis at age 12. After he had the LARPAR surgery, which stapled one of his epiglottis folds open, I began my self-education in postoperative and senior care.

 Tracker lived to the ripe old age of 16–ancient for a Great Dane mix! I was hired by his veterinarian a year later and have loved every moment in this field.

 I am grateful to the Arroyo team for giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and professionalism. I am excited to be of service to both the patient and the human Arroyo family.

Veterinary Assistant

I have been in the veterinary field since 2020. I am in love with animals and love working as a veterinary assistant at Arroyo Veterinary Clinic. I am currently attending school to become a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). My goal is to finish my Registered Veterinary Technician program, receive my national licensure and buy a ranch big enough for all of my animals and maybe start a rescue organization.

 I currently have a 13-year-old senior dog named Peluchin, a hamster named Miss Cheeks, and a turtle named Rex just like in Toy Story. I also have three horses and would love to have more.

Jr. Veterinary Assistant

I’ve been with Arroyo Veterinary Clinic officially since my junior year of high school, but my family and I have been coming here since before I was able to see over the counter. In my few years working here, Arroyo has given me the opportunity to learn and grow while doing something I love. I’ve always been passionate about helping animals, but since working here, it has solidified my choice to work in the veterinary profession. I’m currently in school studying to become an RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) and thanks to my co-workers turned family, I have all the support I need to make my goal a reality. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to do what I love.

Outside of work I enjoy going out with my family and catering to all my fur baby’s needs, which includes our 90lb dog Oliver who still believes he is a 20lb puppy and my three kitties Milo, Lola and Kiko.

Jr. Veterinary Assistant

Joining the Arroyo Veterinary family has introduced me to a world filled with new opportunities, lessons, and adorable fur babies. Although I just started my journey in the veterinary profession in December 2021, I am so grateful to work alongside amazing mentors that help me work towards my goals in this field of work. I am currently enrolled in a veterinary technician program at Carrington College in hopes of becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)

 Growing up in a big family ensured that there was at least one family pet to help keep my siblings and I both occupied and out of trouble. Ever since I was a young girl, I had always felt like I had a deeper connection with the dogs in my family compared to the rest of my family members. Noticing my newfound interest of trying to help and understand the dogs that we had over the course of my childhood, my family introduced me to the idea of becoming a nurse, but for animals.