5 Adorable Ways Cats Demand Respect

By March 15, 2017 July 7th, 2017 Blog

Did you know that March 28 is Respect Your Cat Day? Although kitties deserve respect every day, sometimes we can’t help but laugh at their silly antics. Fluffy may be small, but she may very well consider herself the boss of your household. Actually, our feline buddies can demand respect in some super cute ways! A San Leandro, CA vet lists some of them below.

Cuddle Time

Too much attention, too little attention, or the wrong kind of attention will all displease your furry overlord. It’s up to Fluffy, not you, to decide when it’s cuddle time. (Of course, your pet may very well demand attention while you’re in the middle of something. That’s just what cats do.) Our feline friends reserve the right to change their minds about being petted rapidly, without warning, and at any time. Your cat may think she wants attention, only to walk away or even smack your hand if you try to oblige.

Bed Space

It isn’t uncommon for people owned by cats to find themselves squished to one side of the bed, while their kitties sprawl out in the middle. Fluffy clearly thinks she has the right to decide whether she wants to sleep on your legs, pillow, or even on your head.

Dinner Choices

Many cats have their owners wrapped around their paws as far as food is concerned. Has your kitty ever meowed for her supper, only to turn away from the food you offer her? If Fluffy demands something different, there is a pretty good chance that you’ll oblige her. Those cute meows are hard to resist!

Attention Demands

If your cat is trying to get your attention, and you ignore her, look out! Fluffy may smack something off the table, run out in front of you, bat at your ankles, or just meow at you. (We suspect that sometimes kitties misbehave because they know they’re so cute that we usually break down and pet them instead of punishing them.)

All-Access Pass

As far as Fluffy is concerned, nothing in the house is off-limits. You may find your kitty on your research papers, in your suitcase, or even on a counter, just looking at you smugly. Clearly, cats live by their own rules!

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