Does your pet’s bad breath make you cringe?

Maintaining your pet’s teeth isn’t just about warding off stinky breath. In fact, paying attention to your pet’s oral needs is an important part of his or her overall health care plan. Without the right care, tartar can form on the teeth and below the gum line, developing into dangerous bacteria. This can lead to a host of other serious medical problems throughout your pet’s body. At Arroyo Veterinary Clinic, we want to help your loved one enjoy a clean mouth and a healthy body. We offer complete, professional dentistry services, from routine cleanings to advanced procedures.

Good Dental Care Begins with Professional Cleaning and Polishing

According to many studies, 80% of dogs and 75% of cats have dental disease by the age of three. Plaque deposit forms on a dog’s teeth at a rate five times faster than humans. Even growing kittens and puppies may have problems like retained baby teeth or impacted adult teeth. An annual dental exam can help identify areas of concern so they can be addressed right away, before they develop into serious problems.

We offer a number of routine dental care services including: exams, professional ultrasonic scaling, cleaning, and polishing. We are also equipped with an advanced digital dental x-ray system. Since 60% of dental disease is found below the gum surface, digital radiography allows us to diagnose hidden dental disease your pet might have. Should we find a problem during the course of our exam, we are prepared to deliver advanced care as needed. This includes everything from tooth extractions to minor oral surgery.

Dental exams are usually a part of your pet’s regular annual wellness visits, but for pets who are prone to dental disease, we recommend bi-annual dental exams.

The Importance of Home Dental Care

While a good dental care routine begins with a professional cleaning, to provide the greatest benefit to your pet, treatment must continue at home. We recommend introducing your pet to daily tooth brushing as early as possible, preferably while they are still in the puppy or kitten stage. This helps to ensure healthy teeth and gums in between visits. If you need guidance with this, we’d be more than happy to help. All you have to do is ask!

Pick up the phone today and let’s work together to protect your pet’s beautiful smile!

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