As your pet’s caregiver, you are the single most important person in his or her life. At Arroyo Veterinary Clinic, we want to support this crucial role you play as much as possible. With that in mind, we have assembled a comprehensive list of services that are designed meet all of your pet’s needs through the years. From the first round of vaccinations to specialized senior care, and all the precious years in between, you can count on us.

We base our services on wellness care because we firmly believe that preventative medicine is the foundation of a long, healthy life. Along the way, should any other medical need arise for your pet, we are ready, willing and able to assist. Whether it’s a routine diagnostic test, a dental exam, a microchip implantation or emergency surgery, we’ve got you covered. We even offer full service boarding to round out our suite of services.

Patients of Arroyo Veterinary Clinic enjoy access to all of the following services and treatment options:

  • Wellness Care
  • Vaccinations
  • Wellness Plans
  • Allergies & Dermatology
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Weight Management
  • Cardiology
  • Dentistry
  • Laboratory (Full In-house lab)
  • Ultrasound (Board Certified Radiologist)
  • Digital Radiology
  • General Surgery
  • Oral Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery (Board Certified Surgeon)
  • Ophthalmic Surgery
  • Acupuncture
  • Microchipping
  • Boarding
  • Grooming
  • Behavioral Counseling

To learn more about any of our main services, please see below.

Wellness & Vaccinations

When it comes to keeping your furry friend happy and healthy, prevention is key. The more proactive we are with maintaining your companion’s wellbeing, the better the chances of a long, fulfilling life. This all starts with a commitment to ongoing wellness care. These visits include all the important components your pet needs, including physical exams, vaccinations, parasite prevention and more. The wellness services available at Arroyo Veterinary Clinic have been designed to prevent illness and catch health problems early, when they’re easier to treat. Let us provide you with the support you need to help your loved one thrive!

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Allergies & Dermatology

Dealing with a skin condition isn’t pleasant for your pet. In fact, it can be downright miserable. You don’t want your baby to suffer from itching, discomfort or pain and neither do we. That’s why we offer comprehensive pet allergy and dermatology services. Our doctors and support staff are trained in recognizing, diagnosing and treating a broad spectrum of ailments affecting the skin, ears and feet. We can develop a plan that will provide your furry friend with the comfort and relief he or she deserves. Call us today to learn more about our professional skin care services.

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Nutrition & Weight Management

Is your pet getting a little chubby around the middle? Do you need some guidance on what food would best support your companion’s dietary needs? The topics of pet nutrition and weight management can be confusing even for the most experienced pet parent. Yet what you feed your pet can have a direct impact on his or her overall health and wellbeing. That’s where we can help! Arroyo Veterinary Clinic offers professional, individualized care to support the diet and exercise needs of our patients. We will develop a customized plan that will help your special friend achieve his or her fullest potential.

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When your pet is sick, you want answers and you want them fast. At Arroyo Veterinary Clinic, we strive to remain on top of the health of our patients, providing timely and accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. We leverage a number of tools and technologies to help us achieve this goal, including routine laboratory testing, x-ray, ultrasound imaging and more. Examining your pet from the inside, we are able to quickly identify and diagnose injuries and ailments to determine the best course of treatment. We’ll get to the bottom of whatever is bothering your companion so we can work toward a positive outcome.

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Maintaining your pet’s teeth isn’t just about warding off bad breath. In fact, paying attention to your pet’s oral needs is an important part of his or her overall health care plan. Without the right care, tartar can form on the teeth and below the gum line, developing into dangerous bacteria. This can lead to a host of other serious medical problems throughout your pet’s body. At Arroyo Veterinary Clinic, we want to help your loved one enjoy a clean mouth and a healthy body. We offer complete, professional dental care services, from routine cleanings to advanced procedures like composite restorations for fractured teeth. Let’s work together to protect your pet’s beautiful smile!

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At Arroyo Veterinary Clinic, we recognize that while surgery is a part of our everyday routine, it’s not something you or your pet are used to. Because of this, you’re probably struggling with a number of questions and concerns. Will the procedure be safe? Will my pet be uncomfortable? What should I expect? We’re here to provide you with the answers you need to feel confident trusting us with your companion’s surgical care needs. We have years of experience performing both routine and advanced procedures. More importantly, we work hard to make sure every surgery is carried out with the safety and comfort of our patients in mind. Let us put your worries to rest with our exceptional surgical care services. We have our own Board Certified Surgeon for advanced surgical procedures.

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Figuring out who will care for your pet when you need to travel isn’t always easy. Who can you trust to provide your best friend with the love, care and attention that he or she needs in your absence? The answer is simple: Arroyo Veterinary Clinic. We offer full service boarding in our comfortable, safe kennel facility where your pet will be welcomed with open arms. Boarding guests enjoy all of the amenities of home, from soft bedding and delicious meals to daily exercise. And, of course, we can’t forget about all the TLC they’ll receive from our experienced staff! When you can’t be there, we will. Book your companion’s next stay today!

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