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Dr. Pavneet Mavi


Dr. Pavneet Mavi’s childhood experiences with pets left no doubt that he would one day work with animals. From the little touch with the paw, to the gentle nudge with a wet nose, to those quick contented barks, Dr. Mavi was enthralled with animals and wanted to do everything he possibly could to help them. He achieved his dream, and is now a full-time veterinarian and the owner of Arroyo Veterinary Clinic!

Dr. Mavi grew up in Punjab, India in a family of agriculturalists and farmers. He attended school in Chandigarh before studying veterinary medicine at Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana, India. After that, he moved to the States to further pursue his veterinary education at Purdue University. Following graduation, Dr. Mavi settled in Indianapolis for his very first job as a veterinarian. While working in Indianapolis, Dr. Mavi heard that Arroyo Veterinary Clinic’s previous owner was retiring and looking for someone to take charge of the practice. Dr. Mavi flew to California and settled the deal, taking over as the clinic’s owner in 2011.  As a veterinarian, Dr. Mavi especially enjoys geriatric pet care. Helping an older pet feel better is the ultimate reward for him! He’s also interested in tough dermatology cases. Dr. Mavi resides with his wife and their two young sons in Castro Valley, California. In his spare time, Dr. Mavi is an avid hiker and marathoner and recently completed the San Francisco Half Marathon. He’s also an electronics buff, and continues to be mesmerized by the latest and greatest consumer electronics.

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Photo of Dr. Pavneet  Mavi

Dr. Barbara VanGilder

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Barbara VanGilder has always wanted to use her skillset to give something back. That’s exactly the opportunity provided to her by a career in veterinary medicine! She’s excited to serve the pets and animal parents of the area as a member of the Arroyo Veterinary Clinic family.

Dr. VanGilder earned her undergraduate degree in zoology from Ohio State University before pursuing her veterinary education at the University of California-Davis. Throughout her education, she stayed active in biological and community field work—she served on projects in Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia, Equatorial Guinea, and Kenya, and even spent some time with the National Parks Service! Dr. VanGilder continues to be active in community medicine and surgery training in Nicaragua.

Medically, Dr. VanGilder has special interests in small-mammal and reptile medicine, as well as dentistry and soft-tissue surgery. She’s certified in low-stress handling and enjoys working with patients who have behavior issues or are stressed and fearful, ultimately making their experience as smooth and calming as possible. Dr. VanGilder is also passionate about chronic pain management, hospice, and eldercare, and she enjoys using adjunct therapies like laser, neuromyofascial release, and other techniques to support whole-body care.

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Photo of Dr. Barbara  VanGilder

Dr. Steven Kornfeld

Relief Veterinarian

Dr. Steven Kornfeld is a renowned veterinary consultant, public speaker, and business coach, and has been a licensed veterinarian since 1989. He’s thrilled to serve as a Relief Veterinarian here at Arroyo Veterinary Clinic!

For the first five years of his career, Dr. Kornfeld managed a small animal practice. In 1993, he accepted a residency in veterinary dentistry, which he completed in 1999. It wasn’t long before Dr. Kornfeld realized something: his true passion lay in the world of teaching!

Dr. Kornfeld began producing and delivering workshops in motivation and leadership in veterinary dentistry around the country. These workshops can vary from one to four days; students learn not only the techniques of high-quality animal dentistry, but the ins-and-outs of developing a successful dental program.

In 2002, Dr. Kornfeld began a program in professional and business coaching, completing it in 2004. As a certified coach, he now provides individual and group coaching to the veterinary community in addition to public speaking and specialist dentistry services. He also practices general veterinary medicine as a relief veterinarian!

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Photo of Dr. Steven  Kornfeld

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